Suspended Domain

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

I’m using this software: I am redirected to the suspended domain link even on my domain that I removed from the website

Additional information:

Welcome @MyDomainisfucked, please see the link below, it should provide an explanation for why you see a suspended domain page, and what to do to fix it.


If you deleted it, it will take 60 days until a proper deletion is done. This is because of some legal reason I don’t know.

Quite the contrary. Domains are deleted immediately, even if the DNS has not propagated yet to point to wherever you are trying to move the domain name to. That’s why you should first add the domain name somewhere else, wait a few days, and then remove the domain name from the account. If you delete the domain right away, you’ll cause many people to see the site.


But if they are deleted immediately, how come it takes 60 days until it is permenantly erased?

That’s for accounts :slight_smile:


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