Suspended domain

Hi, my domain got suspended after I deactivated and activated the account.

My site is

I deadctivated the account because I wanted to restart it, due to fact that any files that I uloaded via online file manager, were NOT UPDATED and the site itself looked like some childs play with no CSS.

Thanks, for any help !

If the changes don’t seem to exist press F5 button, or use incognito (private browsing mode) to see the changes. It should work then, plus you’ll probably have to wait for the suspension timer to tick down.

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If you deactivated and reactivated your account, please remember that:

  • You deleted all the domain names from your account before deactivating your account.
  • Reactivating an account does not restore any domain names which were deleted from it.

So you’ll need to add the subdomain to your hosting account again (through the Subdomains section) so you can upload a website to it.


How to do can you tell us step by step what to do after reactivation of account. After reactivation my status show activate but my website is not open. thanks

Please see my previous message. Like I wrote before: you need to manually add any domains you deleted before deactivating the account. Whatever website was previously on the account will not work if the corresponding domain name is not on your account.

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