Suspended domain?


why is my domain suspended? I pay for it?
My domain-provider says that it is online. It’s
I got sometimes the E-Mail like: We have noticed that your domain became quite successful.
Would you like to upgrade to premium host? Did you shutdown it?
I also tried to connect to your FTP Server:

|Answer:|421 2900 users (the maximum) are already logged in, sorry|

Can you explain me the problem? I can reach the domain but not the forums:
And that forum is on your FTP Server. So where’s the problem? Do you want to force me that I buy premium account?


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It’s back now but I want to know what the problem is.

Still the same issue. Nameservers down?

Same here. got suspended. Why? Please help. Ticketing links from Vista Panel does not work.

am also having the same issue,its irritating my visitors, this should be resolved as soon as possible

Mine got suspended as well :confused: Anyone figured the reason why yet?


Yes, me too, same problem

So what would be cool? Infinityfree could give answers at least. I know, if it’s the case of hackers it’s always better to give them zero information. They’re going to look for the host’ site or whatever thing of the host for informations but I think it wasn’t that case probably. It’d be also okay if it was a mistake which has been caused by you. I mean, everyone can make mistakes even in a hosting-company. I also resetted all user passwords by mistake once when it was late midnight.

Ok here was the half answer but okay.


I’m very sorry for the downtime caused today, and any trouble it may have caused for you.

I know these issues are bad and the downtime is way too long. Fortunately, these issues are very rare. So when counted over a whole year, the uptime is still reasonable.

Because while we do promise 99% uptime, we generally count this time over a month. We can’t promise 99% uptime over shorter periods of times, because system issues do happen.

Same Problem, Website -

Actually, it’s not the same. The issue for the people above was that the server erroneously returned suspended pages for accounts which are still active. Your account is actually suspended. Please check the client area for more information and instructions on what to do next.

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