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Redirects to Suspended Domain

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I just created a subdomain in cPanel and it doesn’t work. I installed WordPress to it though. The other subdomains work just fine though.

It looks like your website is suspended. You can find out why in the Client Area.

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The client area says nothing. And the other subdomains work fine ( for example).

Are they on the same hosting account?

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Yeah, I hope it doesn’t violate the ToS (the ToS isn’t very clear about it, I just Ctrl+F and there was only 1 result). There was also 5 sites (2 of which are just CNAME records to Replit)

This might have something to do with it

I am using the Hacker plan ($7/month) for Replit.

Why not use that instead of our Hosting?
WordPress is a pain to get on there, and the subdomains are very long ( vs
I do use the CNAME feature on here when it’s not WordPress.

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It does not violate the TOS to have more than one website in the same Hosting Account.

And you should probably be thinking about purchasing a custom domain name to use with Replit, as that is much easier and more reputable (and stable) to configure than CNAME records at our hosting. Not to mention that if you can afford $84/yr to replit, you can afford $10/yr to a domain registrar.


It’s back up now. You just have to wait.

I checked the account, and it’s very clearly not suspended.

The domain seems to have been added in the last two days. Please note that when adding a new domain, it can take up to 72 hours for it to be visible everywhere due to DNS caching.


I wonder why it does this. I created a new domain (for a wiki) and it says SuspendedDomain. I cleared my DNS cache (ipconfig /release && ipconfig /renew && ipconfig /flushdns). I also went to Browserling and try testing the website there. It just shows a suspended domain too. The domain checker says it’s all good.

New domain names can take 72 hours to start working. The domain checker only tells you it’s connected to your account, not if it has propagated or not.


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