Suspended and later lost my web content too!

Hi, First I got suspended for abuse, then I was able to reach the site but all my content was lost?! Beside I could not find the ticket tab in the client area. Please clear things and explain?

When your account is suspended for abuse, a Ticket button appears in the Client Area, however when your account is reactivated, this button disappears. Depending on the type of abuse, you can request a full website backup.


I appreciate your fast response, how can I request a full backup?

I have to note that I still get redirect to when I try to connect to my main domain
and as you explained that a ticket button does appear when the site is suspended, so why I cant find the button? or if not suspended why I cant load my site?

Just letting you know, that the main domain is a unique identifier and not a domain itself,it will always redirect tyo suspendeddomain


Which site?

Can you please fill in the topic template next time?

This is my domain for my website, the one that was suspended or still suspended!!

I get this message:

An Error Occurred

Services for this domain name have been disabled.

can you please specify whereas am still suspended or not, and in both cases how can I get my content back!!! Am sure you are able to provide me with helpful answer even when you offer a hosting for free! Or should I pay in order to get my content back?

what reason were you suspended? Can you send screenshot of your tickets here?

I checked that site and I see a directory listing. That account is not suspended and has never been suspended.

When did you add the domain to the account? Note that newly added domain names can take up to 72 hours to be visible everywhere.


Available for me!

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