Suspended Account

Hi Admin,
I received a notification that my account has been suspended. I have open a ticket but no respond till now .
Account info is Support Ticket #839943 for epiz_33332731


Please do not hijack other users topics.

If you have not received a ticket response for a few days, please try opening a new ticket or bumping your current one.


I checked your account. Looking at the domain name you’re using, I don’t think we want to have anything to do with your site. We don’t want to support or promote fraud, or support sites that do this.


How can i get my backup files then

You can ask in the support ticket, but most likely you will not be provided with a backup.


That doesn’t sound right . Its my website and i have the right to get the backup if my account cant be reinstated

Incorrect. It is your responsibility to always have a copy of your files. We are not responsable for the files on the server, nor are we responsable for their availability to you.

Please see the terms of service that you agreed to when you created your account.


You should definitely try to ask for a backup. In most cases, we either reactivate the account or provide you with a backup.

With some particularly bad sites we may not do either. For example if the content of the site is believed to be so bad we could be causing more harm by giving you access to the content, we may choose not to.

And please remember that we are a website hosting service, not a file backup service. We try to protect the data we host, but we make no guarantees that the data on our servers will always be there and will always be accessible to you.


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