Suspended account


account: epiz_27221761

My Story

I was uploading a Laravel Project and my account got suspended. We are building a website for the upgraded Markdown language (we added some math. and logic. functions). We have a competition for the most beautiful site and I don’t have much time.

Other Information

my account was banned when I uploaded a Laravel project. I used this YouTube tutorial:

I hope this is not a problem, but if it is, I will remove it immediately.

Please help and thanks


The domain is not suspended for me, I see a custom 403 page.


The account was reactivated because you asked for it in the ticket. Which is what you need to do to get your account back, and what you’re instructed everywhere to do.

So next time, please don’t also ask here. Nobody here can help you and it won’t get you your account back.


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