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Hello dear admins and moderators my name’s Sadid I’m a student started learning web hosting, digital marketing and cryptocurrency honestly I just love InfinityFree and its services for people to learn and earn. I’ve created a new account yesterday with a custom domain and website


it’s a very small website which gives giveaway in exchange of ads and captcha in a Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, the website script is safe and doesn’t overload I borrowed it from web developer team name GR8 Scripts which is much reputed and safe, it was in the setup progress and I have already set up Cloudflare for web security and perfomance endorse resources I can ensure it won’t overload the servers or any abuse, I’m also adding privacy policies, GDPR disclaimer, terms and conditions. I can promise you the site won’t be used in such way.

Please kindly reactivate my account.

of course infinityfree owe me a lot of favor.


No? Crypto related websites are not meant to be hosted here, it’s clear in the terms of service:


  • Pornographic/adult content
  • Proxy scripts
  • Chat scripts
  • Bitcoin / cryptocurrency faucet sites
  • File sharing / file storage scripts
  • Autolike scripts
  • Hacking scripts / PHP shell scripts
  • Phishing
  • Mass mail scripts
  • Website scraping/crawling/downloading scripts
  • Torrents
  • Warez
  • Cracked/pirated content of any kind

Also, don’t hack other topic, create another one for yourself!


We don’t allow crypto related sites. Period. No exceptions.

The measures you’re implementing are all admirable, but we cannot host your site. I’m sorry.


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