Suspended Account


You probably got affected by the DDoS attack. Please be patient, and wait the suspension out.

I’m sorry, but what is the question? The reason your account is suspended and how you can get it back is stated right there in the screenshot.

I did not exceed the limits it was because of the attack ddos

You did exceed the limits. It says so right there in the screenshot.

DDoS traffic is also traffic, and traffic takes server power. And if your site uses too much server power, we must take it down to ensure other sites from other people are not affected. This happens regardless of whether the traffic was desired or not.

We can’t just give you unlimited server power because your website got attacked. Would you be happy if your site slowed down to a crawl because the server would be completely swamped handling the DDoS traffic on someone else’s website?

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But the same happened to me as others, the excess of limits was due to the attack on the host, not my website


What do you want to happen? If IF unsuspended your account, it will just get attacked again, and slow down those who are not being attacked.

Please read this again:

Ok but attacks don’t just happen to me, they happen to others too?

Yes. The attack is on the server, not specifically your site.

Your Cloudflare logs prove that this is not the case.

If the host was attacked, your website would just be down and no traffic would be recorded in Cloudflare.

It was your website that was attacked, your website that got the traffic spike and your website that hit the limits of your account.

So how does other websites also getting attacked prove that your website isn’t getting attacked?

It seems quite clear that your website is getting attacked. This may be done to damage us and not you, but that doesn’t change the fact that your website is being targeted.

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