Suspended Account - Nameserves

Hi, I have free account. I was just using wordpress. Instead of my original address (, it appeared:

I thought it was some problem with my domain. So, I excluded nameserves of infinity free, in my host domain account.

Then, I discovered that My account infinity was suspended. I returned to the domain host, and put the nameserves of the infinity again:

Already does more than 24 hours ago. Now, my site does not show up. The wordpress builder is not running …

Can not get nameservers at parent server!
I only check domains not subdomains! "

What should I do?
Can someone help me?


Hi and welcome to the forum

you have the same problem as

Yep, @OxyDac is right. It’s the same problem as described in that topic.

There is definitely something bad going on with the .ga nameservers. I’m closing this topic, please continue in the other one.