Suspended Account [My biggest project :(]

Dear @Admin and/or Moderators,

I apologise for creating multiple InfinityFree accounts with my emails, I have two specific accounts I would like to be unsuspended. These are and

Blockworks is one of my biggest projects ever, and I plan on using your service to help me host a website for it. Blockworks is a gaming platform that I hope to be a huge success.

Please, I do hope, can you bring back those 2 accounts. I don’t care about the others, I will deactivate them immediately. If you would like screenshots of the punishments, here are the links, Screenshot by Lightshot (the accounts) and Screenshot by Lightshot (the punishment notice).

InfinityFree is the only service that I find useful for me to host my website, and I don’t want to use anyone else. I am deeply sorry for abusing your systems and I will never create anymore accounts.

Blockworks Administrator

Why are they suspended? If it’s because of reaching limits, then we’re sorry but we cannot activate it until24 hours.
If it is because of abuse, then create a support ticket from ClientArea.

@anon19508339 It does say for abuse, please can you explain what it may be caused by. Thanks.

The most common reasons is that you exceeded the limits, if your page has files saved for download, do not save them on this hosting because it uses many resources, upload them to mediafire or mega and share the link and things like that.
It may also be that you wanted to edit or upload a .htaccess file.
It can also be caused by wanting to upload an “update.php” file or some “.php” file that modifies your website.

or simply from your IP you created several accounts and you are abusing their services


Just like what your screenshot said:

Create a ticket and ask them directly to know why your account is suspended and also ask them how you can get them reactivated.
You see none of us here can help you (none of us here also know why your site got suspended for abuse) if you got an Abuse suspension except for Admin probably.


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