My account was suspended in a way I don’t understand, it was supposed to be opened at 08:45 this morning but it didn’t open

Your free hosting account has been suspended for reaching a daily resource limit. Please note that every free hosting account has daily CPU, hits, RAM, I/O and Login process limits. We log all these usage statistics throughout the day. Especially if you have multiple PHP scripts and websites on your free hosting account, it’s quite normal for a website to use daily limits as PHP scripts use a lot of server resources.

The daily limit you reach is the daily HIT limit.

When will your free hosting account be reactivated?

Your free hosting account will be automatically reactivated 24 hours after suspension.

Therefore 08:45 Friday 3 December
@Admin :slight_smile:

Likely due to this???

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When will it be fixed?

Whenever Admin sees this topic. Please do not ping him.

If you check the client area now, you’ll see it’s suspended again for a different reason. As you can see in the client area, this suspension will not be reactivated automatically. Instead, you can submit a support ticket from the client area to discuss what happened to your account and how you get get it back.


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