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(My website has been suspended for exceeding the hits limit, it has been suspended . is there anyway i can solve this?)

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Your website does not look suspended to me.

You can learn more about the hits limit below

epiz_31407519 my user suspend can u solve this problem

If you really are suspended because of the Hits Limit, all you have to do is wait 24 hours for your account to be reactivated.


i cant wait i need it fast

Then upgrade to premium.

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Do not create multiple topics, do not create spam posts.

Creating such things will not change the answer. The answer is this:

And if you do not want to wait,


i need help to get back my own domain

Your domain will be released when the suspension ends. If you want to use it with another non-MOFH hosting provider, you can change your nameservers and wait 72 hours for DNS propagation.

Otherwise, your only option is to upgrade to premium, which costs as little as $5 a month.


You should remove the malicious files and then contact their hosting provider for a rescan.

Your own domain is your own domain, and it’s always been yours. You can go to your registrar and change the nameservers right now and host the domain elsewhere.

What we cannot do is let you host this domain name with us right now. Your website hit the daily limit, and is suspended for 24 hours as a result. So we don’t give you the option to skip the 24 hours and setup your site on a fresh account right away.


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