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Just wondering how long does it take to get a response on my support ticket? I submitted it a week ago

I just want to get my website back and my domain free from suspension, i will cancel my subscription with infinityfree so you dont recieve spam from my website anymore.

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If you still have not gotten any response after a week, bump the ticket by asking for an update, or create a new one.

I’m not sure what you mean by cancelling your subscription with us, because we don’t have a subscription service you can join.


Oh i see. I only want to download my content on my site so i can upload on wordpress again with another webhost. Can i do this with my domain if my site is suspended?

Thank you for the help!

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If the site is suspended you don’t have access to your files or database. But premium support can migrate your account even if it is suspended.


Ok, how can i “free” my domain from infinity free webhost if i cant access cpanel? The domain is connected to your webhost, and i really need to connect my domain to another webhost. Is this possible?


You cannot remove the domain from your account while it is suspended. You can request is removal via the support ticket, wait 60 days for the account deletion, or upgrade to premium (The domain will be transferred to your premium account).


I already gave you some information about the suspension in your previous topic:

If you want a backup of your site, please ask in the ticket for a backup.

Yes, you can. It’s still your domain name, and always has been. We can’t hold it hostage even if we wanted it to. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from using the domain name at a different hosting provider and changing your domain’s nameservers to direct traffic to this different provider.

The only restriction is that you cannot host the domain again with us, or with another provider that’s using the same platform as we do. Any actual other providers are not affected by this.


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