Support for Flask on Infinity


General question (or wishful thinking) - is it possible to add hosting support for Flask or other Python-based frameworks on Infinity?

Thank you.

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No, it’s not possible, because free hosting doesn’t support Python.


Support for other programming languages probably won’t be happening any time soon.


Also, some issues with a Flask server. All the servers are Apache/Nginx based, meaning that all files can be accessed. Therefore even if you try emulating it, your PHP scripts can still be accessed. Also, if you want the Flask property of exposing only what is necessary, you will probably be forced to stuff everything into the script (Note, File size limit), or set file perimissions.


Hi Fury.
thank you for comment.
If not Flask, than some sort of Python support would be handy.

You can host your python based scripts externally.

I think if the @Admin would allow running python scripts in the system, it’s too powerful for web host clients and it is not advisable. It can caused security issues.

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Python-based websites isn’t supported on the free hosting plan, however It maybe available on Premium Hosting


cPanel has support for Python and a few other languages (through Passenger), but while it may be possible to host such software on free hosting, we’re probably going to keep it a premium only feature.


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