Username (epiz_28880590)

Hi there,
I installed SUITECRM from Softaculous.
Installation process no problem, everything ok.
The Url from which I reach the crm is →

The BIG issue is that is very very very slow, it takes minimum 30s to get a reply.
I tried to uninstall and install again but nothing changed. The same problem.
I checked the DB but it is empty.

Here is some reference:
MYSQL Name: epiz_28880590
MySQL hostname:
MySQL DB Name: epiz_28880590_99

For what I understand reading other forums it seems a hosting issue.
No clue for me to solve it.

Could you please check and let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Can you please link some of those topics here?

Taking a look at the vendors website, it looks like a pretty complicated piece of software, so it probably will not work well here at all. You should have more success in premium hosting.

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Here is just one as example (SuiteCRM Performance Tuning - #3 by Karthikeyan_S - SuiteCRM General Discussion - SuiteCRM).
I do not understand the point, I am just asking for a solution if possible.


The software you installed is just too complex to withstand on free hosting. You may get suspended sooner or later :smiling_face:. Premium hosting comes with more power and speed. Anyway :stuck_out_tongue:, did you try this on another host, just to know what type of problem it is.

I just installed since seems to be a good crm, did not imagine I could be suspended, I hope not.
No I did not try it on other hosts.

The support person says this

Normally when SuiteCRM is slow it is a problem on the server, or an overgrown database.

InfinityFree does not allow you to run large scripts, and the database is shared with thousands of other users. If you want these things for yourself, or even more space and resources for yourself, you are going to have to pay for it.

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So are you saying that there is no solution out of paying?

Yes. You will have to upgrade to premium or find another script.

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Are you all so sure it is a matter of power required by the program? What do you mean by “finding another script”

Yes, the program is slow, and the script is quite large. If you can live with the speed, you may be fine, but if you want it faster you are going to have to upgrade. Free hosting is not meant for this.

As in “Find something else to use instead because your current one will never have fast speeds here”.

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Clear…any suggestion for an alternative?

Use an external service? i.e not a script

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what do you mean? an example?

Like bitrix24, freshworks, Zoho etc

Actually I am coming from there…I tried all those services then noticed suitecrm and seemed to have all functionalities I am looking for so I wanted to give it a try and manage a crm on my own.
Did not expect such poor performance, counting the db was still empty.

I do understand there is no more to say.

Thank you all for the replies!

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