Suggestions to make InfinityFree better

Here are some really useful suggestions that i have for infinityfree:

  1. Buy own Softaculous and host it on so you can give a much better experience for people who doesn’t know how to manually install scripts. This will also refresh the whole interface so it will be much easier to find scripts and settings (and also change the link in the control panel (cPanel - vPanel).
  2. Signup for the free Yandex 360 Plan and start offering free emails. Yandex also has a very good anti-spam system and ssl/tls support so emails will never end up in spam. Use the Yandex API or make own api system and also change the link in the control panel (cPanel - vPanel) .
  3. Use WHMCS for a much better user experience.
  4. Make own panel with the mofh api if possible.
  5. Make an auto-renew system with Let’s Encrypt.
  6. Integrate freenom with whmcs to allow people to register domains from WHMCS (free).
  7. Add a code to remove the /i= from the url in the default .htaccess.
  8. Reseller other domains with WHMCS.
  9. Try to integrate DirectAdmin with mofh (maybe it’s possible somehow).
  10. Offer Weebly site builder (and keep
  11. Make more categories on the forum.
  12. Move the hosting to DirectAdmin because it’s really cheap. (not a lie)
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If all of that would be done, infinityfree won’t be free anymore :joy:. Instead the admin would rather become bankrupt (don’t take it to heart pls)


Many of the ideas you have here are great and I would love to be able to implement them. The things is that the MOFH API only exposes a small number of functions, and everything I know that’s possible is implemented already in the client area. If a feature isn’t available in the client area, it’s safe to assume that the API endpoints to configure it don’e exist.

There is already Softaculous integrated into the control panel. I agree, it’s not perfect.

But there is no API to create databases automatically, which means people would need to manually create databases and enter the database details.

And that’s exactly the kind of manual action I would like to avoid with an automatic script installer.

If the platform didn’t have an auto installer at all, I would have done this already. But even the current setup is integrated better in the panel than anything I could offer.

I’m sorry, but how do you see this integration work. I’m not that familiar with Yandex’s mail offering.

Are you saying I would have to sign up for one Yandex 360 account myself and provide individual email accounts to users? Because a quick check shows me they provide 1000 mail boxes for free, which is a lot for an individual person but useless for a hosting provider.

Or does Yandex have a reseller/partner program for this where I could offer Yandex 360 accounts to users? Because I can’t find that feature.

And finally, the platform doesn’t have an API to set MX records and the like, so I can’t help automate the setup for people. So what does having my own integration add then compared to signing up at Yandex directly?

I’ve used WHMCS for over 5 years on I can say many things about it, but “better user experience” is not something I could never say.

The majority of tickets I got on were questions like “what are my nameservers”, “how can I login to cPanel”, “what’s my username”, “how can I reset my password”. These are all very common operations that WHMCS apparently doesn’t put in the places where people expect them to be.

I have received similar questions on InfinityFree as well. But then I changed the design of the panel so the information and the options were easier to find. So now you rarely see these kinds of questions.

That’s possible if you both talk directly to users and can quickly evolve the system in response. With WHMCS, I can’t do that, because you get a closed source system and a development team that, in my own experience, doesn’t respond well to bug reports and suggestions.

And don’t get me started about how poorly WHMCS fits with free hosting.

If there are things you like about WHMCS that are missing here, please do point them out. But “why don’t you just use WHMCS” feels like an insult to my experience and the effort I put in developing and fine tuning the platform I built.

That’s what I did. The client area is my own panel built on the MOFH API.

I’d love to implement all control panel functionality into it and create a clean, simple and unified experience, but that’s just not possible.

I would have done it already if I could. But again, no API method exist to install the new certificates.

I could, and have considered, integrating Freenom with my own panel.

The thing is that I see quite a number of reports here from people whose Freenom domains just stopped working for no reason. I don’t know what that’s all about, but it has made me hesitant to recommend people to use Freenom.

And if I can’t recommend Freenom, then I can’t in good conscience offer it as a feature, and potentially be on the hook for it if Freenom fails to deliver.

I generates additional hits for a little cosmetic tweak. I get why people want it, but I can’t consciously set is as the default.

This has also crossed my mind (minus the WHMCS part of course).

The thing is that so far I’ve gone by without having any kind of billing functionality. If I’m going to sell domain names, I’m going to need billing functionality, payment gateways, fraud prevention, and most likely customer support in case things go wrong.

Meanwhile, domain names are sold with very small margins. So it takes a lot of effort to setup and operate while generating almost no revenue.

It makes sense when you also sell hosting, which typically has higher margins, or can sell domains at such volumes where it becomes profitable through scale. But I have no ambitions to do either of those things.

You can’t integrate a control panel with another control panel. Control panels also manage server configuration. And if I had APIs to manage hosting accounts contents, I would implement my own control panel instead of trying the wrestle some off the shelf panel on top of it.

I checked that in the past but can’t find any partner program for hosting providers. I’ve seen hosting providers with Weebly in the past, but it seems that they’ve discontinued this program, or at least don’t accept new providers.

And then there is the problem of costs. (and SitePad) charge a fee per website, which is negligible for premium hosting but impossible for free hosting.

Finally something that’s easy to do!

What kind of categories do you think the forum is lacking?

Have you ever wondered why all of the largest free hosting providers in the world use custom panels?

The current platform was built from scratch to sustainably offer free hosting. DirectAdmin itself is quite affordable, but making it work to providing free hosting for millions of websites is not easy.

Is it doable? Sure. But it would take a lot of effort to migrate all the platform optimizations to a different panel. And then having to pray that DirectAdmin doesn’t go the way of cPanel and start basing licensing on accounts instead of servers and bankrupt iFastNet as a result.

The panel isn’t perfect, but it works well for free hosting, and will keep working well.


But custom CSS is possible, i will leave this useful github link for you (includes a lot of cool themes that are made for vPanel and can be easily integrated + the dark and white theme looks like the current cPanel theme): GitHub - WybeNetwork/VistaPanel-Themes: Some new themes for VistaPanel of MyOwnFreeHost

Yes but the new Softaculous has a much better interface and over 100 scripts ready to install. And it’s probably possible to add additional text to the database setup part so you can put a kb link there.

Make own API or use the Yandex 360 API (Introduction - API. Yandex.Mail for Domain API). They offer unlimited domains and mailboxes:
Free plan also offers a cloud storage thing.
Maybe ask the Yandex support if they offer a reseller program for InfinityFree. :thinking:
For the MX records setup you can make own API (or use the Yandex).

A similar free host like InfinityFree uses WHMCS and i find it easier to manage my sites with WHMCS. That’s my experience so…

I mean a custom vPanel with more functions.

It’s possible. How cPanel and DirectAdmin auto-renews the certificates then? Maybe use auto-renew only on ZeroSSL if they have an api or on other certificates.

I used freenom domains for an year and all my sites are still up (except one that was marked as fraud because it used a weird certificate for 3-5 months).

A lot of people are asking for this to be removed. It’s useless.

Boxbilling does everything for you then.


Find an another web builder then… Maybe Mobirise or Sitepad (free licence)

Add Domains Support, ClientArea Support, Bug Reports, Off-topic, Software Support, Website Recommendations, Optimizations Tips, IFastNet Support

DirectAdmin offers unlimited account and it’s also really cheap (compared to cPanel or Plesk). I found a host some time ago that uses DirectAdmin and it’s free. They also offer a lot of things that InfinityFree doesn’t have so migrating the host would be a really good option. Also the trustpilot will explode with 5 stars reviews (lol) :bomb: :bomb: :bomb:

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Remember that iFastNet manages the Control Panel (And therefore softaculous), so there is nothing InfinityFree can do about this.

Sounds like a lot of work for something that will yield no rewards

I quick Google Search for “WHMCS memes” will show you just how bad the platform is, especially for developers.

Again, iFastNet manages the control panel. What other function(s) would you want anyway?

That’s just your experience. Many, many people have huge issues with it (Including myself), but use it because its the only one that someone can use.

Do you know how long that will take to implement?

Is ****. Don’t use it. It is 100% impossible to find a good website builder for free. I’ll pay you 100 US dollars if you can find one.

There used to be a lot of tags like that. But only about 2% (Guesstimate) of people used the correct tag, so it was all migrated to one tag(Hosting Support) so everything is in the right spot. Current forum members sometimes even place support requests in Informal, so I hope you can imagine the mess that would happen if we added all of those.

That’s what the “Informal” category is for. See above for my reasoning.

But there would be no way to move all the features from the current panel over, beause…

There would be no more CNAME or MX records, no more databases, ect, because there is no API to create them with.

Actually, I think it would be full of 1 star review because InfinityFree woul have to stop offering databases and DNS changes, forcing people to use static sites only (No WordPress, eCommerance, ect), and forcing clients to use Cloudflare for any and all DNS changes. Sounds horrible.

I have a challenge for you. You have your own MOFH reseller website correct? If you can use a different control panel not affiliated with iFastNet that contains all the features of the current one and more (They have to work), as well as integrating Yandex email, I will create a pinned topic on the forum stating that you are the best person on the planet.


Actually, I’m pretty sure you can only resell paid domains with Freenom, at a 25% discount.


How about adding a link to Freenom to the control panel?

That’s basically giving freenom free advertising, something that really does not need to be done.

It’s not advertising because many people doesn’t know about freenom.

An another suggestion: add dark mode on the forum

Already available


You should try checking your preferences first😂

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But it’s not a solid dark mode. It’s grey.

Grey is a dark color.

Can you define advertising for me?


InfinityFree links to iFastNet because they provide the premium hosting.

InfinityFree links to NameSilo and NordVPN (used to) because they are affilates. Infinityfree maks money when people buy through its link.

But why should InfinityFree advertise for Freenom. InfinityFree gets no benefits, and instead will probably get angry people who’s domain got marked as fraud complaining to them.

Or, worse, think might Freenom is owned by InfinityFree. Look at all the people who believe iFastNet owns InfinityFree.


How about a CloudFlare link?

If it’s not paid advertising, I’m guessing Admin won’t implement it. If you find paid links from CloudFlare, put here. But I’m guessing that because they offer a quite popular free plan, that a person wouldn’t earn very much, but that’s just me.


I had a much longer reply @ItsGamingTube, but I don’t think it was particularly useful. But almost all suggestions can be answered by one of the following:

  • The hosting platform has limited APIs, and you can’t just make an API to someone else’s system. I’d love to make my own panel and add more features, but that’s just not possible.
  • Free hosting isn’t free. You get it for free, but especially iFastNet spend a HUGE amount of money on server space and staff to make this all work. Of course providing more stuff for free makes people happier, but someone still needs to pay for it. iFastNet does this primarily by selling premium hosting. But if they start providing all premium features for free, then they have to spend much more on free hosting, and people will have fewer reasons to upgrade. Going to other way and nerfing free hosting so it’s completely useless doesn’t work either, so balance must be found between these things.
  • Other companies need to make money too. Website builder makers and email providers also want to make money, so they are not going to give their product away in bulk to a free hosting provider for a pittance to provide for free. Just because they offer a free trial doesn’t mean they are going to provide a free reseller program.
  • Just because you like something doesn’t mean it’s objectively better. Like we’re talking to you, we’ve talked to hundreds or even thousands of other people. We’re trying to make a service that works well for as many people as possible. Just because you’ve used WHMCS and like it doesn’t mean that everyone who has used it liked it, and everyone who will use it will.
  • We’ve been doing this for a while. InfinityFree has been providing hosting for almost 10 years now, and iFastNet for closer to 25. We’ve hosted many millions of websites. And we welcome feedback. But don’t come here and tell us “your system sucks, just migrate to software X, it’s so much better”. iFastNet knows cPanel, I know WHMCS, we’re both using that software to this day, and we’ve both decided to not use it and develop our own for free hosting. We wouldn’t have gotten this far if we were idiots, so please understand that if we do something, we have good reasons for it.
  • Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t make it a bad idea. See above. The limitations in terms of features and server power are well considered based on many years of experience. You don’t have that experience and insight, which is fine, but then don’t call things useless if you don’t understand what it’s for.
  • Features trump design. I like a slick coat of paint too (look at the client area compared to the control panel), but at the end, a service or tool has a job to do, and the tool that’s best at that job wins.

Now for a few specific points.

Case in point: your domain got marked as fraudulent for a weird reason. I can’t in good faith promote a service that does that.

I have looked. I have checked MANY site builders. They all fall in the following categories:

  • Open source tools which let you drag some text and images around.
  • Hosted website-as-a-service platforms (like Weebly and Squarespace).
  • Website builders for hosting providers that charge per site. And those prices are always unsustainable for free hosting.
  • Desktop software.

I would very, very, very much like to offer a full website builder (no free trials of or SitePad) with our free hosting. But that’s too complex to make myself and I don’t know anybody else who provides this.

So if you know any, please share, because I can’t find them.

People who come here asking for help generally have an issue and they don’t fully understand what’s wrong exactly. Because if they knew what was wrong, they wouldn’t need help.

And if your website is not working, it’s not always easy to say whether that’s a problem with the domain name, the software or the hosting. So why force people to have to determine that instead? Why not just dump it into a big bucket called “support” and let the experts determine where the problem is?

And this is not hypothetical. We had a category “Website Development”, and there was no difference in content between it and hosting support. So I decided to just lump them together.

And please don’t forget: just because there isn’t a specific category dedicated to it, doesn’t mean it’s forbidden to discuss it.

You can just put bug reports in Hosting Support, and website optimization tips in Informal.

I have actually been thinking of something like that for a while.

I implemented the free SSL certificates, and that’s not paid advertising. I do also build stuff because I think it makes the service better. It does need to be financially sustainable of course (I can’t just go and spend thousands per month on third party software licensing), but it doesn’t need to be profitable by itself.

I have a list of ideas of things that I can add that iFastNet doesn’t have, or I can do better than iFastNet, even within the limited access I have.


Add an option to earn coins to spend coins on storage (or option to earn storage)

No, its not. InfinityFree already gives us the maximum storage that iFastNet will permit. If this is implemented, then everyone gets less to start with, and that’s not the point.