Suggestions for a better Infinity Free Hosting

Part 1 - Suggestion for a site that exceeds Daily Hits and many more limits (Suspensions for 24 hours) - Never happened to me but in case I encounter, I want to just help Infinity Free improve

I would like to recommend to insert a better thing than sending a user to suspendedomain.
It would be much better to send the user to this thing:

This website is temporarily unavailable. The website has been overloaded, we need to relax our servers.

For Normal Visitors, wait for 24 hours.
For the Website Owner, (LINK) Click Here to know what you can do.

(Infinity Free Logo)

Part 2 - Suggestion for all Apache PHP Resources used

I would recommend you to modify the text in the PHP used, to:

This website is temporarily unavailable. Because, the site has been overloaded. All of its PHP Process available is currently being used. Please try again.

For Normal Visitors, just wait for a few minutes.
For the Website Owner, (LINK) Click Here to know more to prevent this from hapenning again.

(Infinity Free Logo)

Part 3 - Permanently Suspended Accounts (Due to TOS Violation)

Just deliver it to the suspended domain.

Hey there.

Unfortunately, InfinityFree does not have control over what happens to client URLs when an account is suspended.


Furthermore, redirection to the default suspended domain shows advertisements for iFastNet, the provider of the servers for InfinityFree. This gives them more recognition and (potentially, and is the goal) more customers.


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