[Suggestion] More categories

Can you maybe add more categories to the forum, like maybe a suggestions category, or a how-to guides, or something like that?


indeed! many people now post about SSL, questions about premium hosting. I’d love to see a #SSL category!




A how-to guide will indeed be very helpful…


Sure, if there is a good reason to.

What kind of suggestions?

There aren’t that many how to guides written here yet. Still, might be nice to group them.

Any InfinityFree related help requests go into the Hosting Support category right now. I think having a separate category for SSL just makes things more confusing.

We could have many different categories for different support related requests. So also one for domains, DNS, website development, WordPress, programming, etc.

But while it’s clear for us how the different parts of the service are connected, this isn’t obvious for everyone. For some people, their site doesn’t work and they don’t understand why. So making them figure out whether it’s a code issue or a configuration issue or a DNS issue or an SSL issue seems like an unnecessary burden on them.

These shouldn’t be asked here in the first place. InfinityFree doesn’t do premium hosting. If you have question about premium hosting, you should ask those to iFastNet.

The only reason I see to create a premium hosting category is to act as a honey pot. Block topic creation there with a big warning saying to ask iFastNet instead.


You triggered me, I am gonna ask for people suggestion on what they want next and gonna write one


Yea but people continue to post these :sweat_smile:. And about the SSL you are totally right about the SSL.

Suggestions for infinityfree, like this one

The Community Guides category is added now.


:smiley: Thanks Admin :tada:

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