Suggestion for the storage

I will really like to set custom storage space for that account, like vinculating it to google drive to get more storage website, and add adds for website, like an option, and they have to choose where to put the adds, it will monetice InfiniteFree, but we get storage, mode i node usage etc, it will be great, and for that, using like in the account, that we win “virtual money” and we can spend it in our accounts

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You can’t use InfinityFree for file storage, it’s only for hosting web content.

Also, most users don’t ever come close the reaching the maximum space provided, as other restrictions are generally hit first.


That’s why @Greenreader9 , I will use it like a YouTube, but kind of replit etc, like a redirected webpage etc, and only 5 gb it’s too low, aslo I want to talk about a parter

You can’t do that. Video storage is in violation of the terms. You can always upload your videos to a platform like YouTube, and embed them on your website.


Not like a YouTube, like people upload phps and they’re processed, cuz replit went down of hosting a lot of thingss

Profile pictures are tiny, if you minimize them and restrict the upload size, it shouldn’t take up much space. And if you have that many users, you are probably really close the getting suspended for usage limits, so you should probably get premium hosting.


Ok, thanks, and I want to parter, Im a Python/node.js hoster, if you want, send me a dm in discord : .javi17mod

If you need more storage space and are willing to pay for it, I would suggest to just purchase a Super Premium account at iFastNet. Those come with unlimited disk space.

That said, the same terms of use do apply: the storage space is only intended for regular website content, not video hosting.


Storage I don’t care, you want a a colab with We are a node.js and Python 24/7 hoster, and we can provide good things

I’ve never heard of your company, I don’t know who you are and I don’t see what benefit it would bring.

If you have any clear idea on what such a (mutually beneficial) collaboration could like, please send your proposal to [email protected].

Just please note that we’re not looking to give free promotion to some brand new, unknown and unproven project.


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