Suggestion for the client area

The IP Address part doesn’t really look nice -

It looks like 185.27134.231

What exactly is wrong with the IP? It looks the same as everything else…


On the dark mode…


I think what you mean is that you don’t like the font. Not much could be done about that besides changing the character spacing.

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Is it like default like that for you?
it might be a problem with my screen resolution or something

I don’t see the difference between the screenshots and both look fine to me.

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Ok, just found out why mine shows different, it’s my browser settings:

After turning it off, this is what the IP address looks like:

Going back to what you said originally:

I guess you mean the “.” and “1” are too close together.

But as I said earlier,

I see what you mean now, but it’s not too much of a big deal. And most of the time people would copy paste the IP address and don’t manually write it.

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