Suggestion for InfinityFree Dashboard page

So, I’m on my account page:

There are some ads there. I like to click on ads to support the sponsors.

But, the ads open in the same tab. It takes me away from my account dashboard. I have to hit the back button to return to Infinity Free.

My suggestion is: have the ads open in a new tab. That way I can click on them and not lose my place on the Infinity Free site.


I’m sorry, but this is outside of our control.

The ad code is provided by Google. Google determines what happens if you click one of the ads.

According to this article, Google opens ads in the same page in most locations, but in some parts of the world it opens in a new tab.

The last paragraph also makes it very clear that you should not try to change this, because it’s not allowed.


Very weird strategy from Google, but it seems the only solution for the end users is to use a VPN with the country set to China for now :joy:

I’m very surprised that they consider this a better user experience in specific markets only… it seems most probable to me that this is a requirement in those markets, and not a requirement in the others where they don’t even offer it as an option.


OK. I’ll open in a new tab next time. Thanks for the reply.

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Never do that or you wanted to get stucked at “The CAPTCHA response is missing blahblahblah” :joy:
China blocks google and so is :frowning_face:


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