Suggestion for a CMS

Hello, I need a suggestion:
I want to create a website like a forum but where users can create public groups/categories and talk about what they want.
Where is the perfect CMS to do this?

I don’t think that would be a CMS. CMS stands for Content Management System, and if your basically looking for a form, I don’t think that is want you want.

That sounds like a social networking site.

There are some apps in Softaculous that may help you achieve what you want, such as Oxwall.


Just something i’ve noticed, you keep saying ‘form’ instead of ‘forum’ lol


You couldn’t have pointed out my incorrect work usage before? :joy: :joy::joy:

I thought there was something wrong with it, and now someone finally told me what!


I just thought it was a typo before lol :joy:


You can use phpBB, myBB, vanilla forums, or wordpress (you can create a forum there as well like for example bbPress).

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I suggest you to use Drupal

Drupal is a little hard to host a forum site.

Though you can build a site similar to facebook using wordpress though I don’t know how resouce hungry it is:

If you want to pay, you can use Invision Community and enable the ‘Clubs’ feature
If you want free, try bbPress or some other software

i like how u always talk straigth to the point :rofl:

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