Subject: Inquiry Regarding Hosting an Anime Website on Infinity Free

Dear Infinity Free Support Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to inquire about the hosting services provided by Infinity Free and whether they are suitable for hosting an anime website.

The website I am planning to host will be dedicated to sharing and promoting anime content that is freely available to watch. We have no intention of profiting from this endeavor; our primary goal is to create a community platform where enthusiasts can come together to discuss and enjoy their favorite anime series.

Before proceeding with the hosting plan, I wanted to ensure that hosting an anime website aligns with your terms of service and policies. It is crucial for us to abide by all regulations and guidelines set forth by Infinity Free to maintain a positive and compliant online presence.

If hosting an anime website on Infinity Free is permissible, I would greatly appreciate any information or guidance regarding the best hosting plan to accommodate our needs. Additionally, if there are any specific requirements or restrictions we should be aware of, please do not hesitate to inform us.

Thank you very much for your time and attention to this matter. I look forward to your response and the opportunity to potentially host our anime website with Infinity Free.

Warm regards,

Arc Development Team

There’s a similar case several years ago:

As long it isn’t hentai.


Take note no streaming


No, you can’t do that. Streaming platforms are prohibited.

However, if you upload the videos to a sharing site like YouTube, and embed the video player to your site, that is allowed.

Also, please don’t use AI on the forum. It can change the meaning of your words, and add (or remove) important things from your text. AI has its uses, but not here.


Thanks for the response,

I want to confirm that the site we made does not store any anime content (videos , raw etc.) It fetch the content for other 3rd party site and embed them automatically.
We just store user login data .

So , i Want to confirm that are we allowed to host such website on InfinityFree.


Ok, did you read my reply?


Yeh it fetch video from 3rd party and list it . It will jot save any video in your server .

Is there any chance that some other admin will block this account?

As long as you follow the terms of service and stay within the limits of your hosting account, than you shouldn’t have any trouble.


As login as the anime content can be freely shared legally, I don’t see any problem with it.

Just please note the following restrictions:

  • It’s not allowed to use our hosting to share pirated content. This also applies to sites that don’t actually host the illegal material with us. If your site is set up to support or promote piracy, it’s also illegal, and we cannot host it.
  • Just because it’s technically possible to embed content from another site doesn’t mean you’re legally able to do so. If the site you’re embedding from supports and encourages it, or clearly states that it grants you this permission, it’s all good. But exploiting a lack of technical enforcement against embedding does not mean you’re allowed to.

In short, if you, and the site you’re embedding from, are allowed to share the content, and the site you’re embedding from allows you to embed it, then you’re all good.



We are using gogoanime api to fetch the videos the repo of the api is available on github if u dont have any problem with it then it means we are following your terms and conditions.

Of course they don’t advertise it as such, but GoGoAnime very clearly seems like an anime piracy platform to me. If I search for it, I get a bunch of different sites, which do not match the “official” website, which is taken down. The search results I see do talk about it being a piracy site, either outright stating it or just saying something like “it has legal concerns”.

Just because they don’t promote themselves as “the Pirate Bay of Anime” doesn’t mean that they aren’t.

Yes, there are projects related to it on GitHub. That doesn’t mean that it’s legal. The fact that GitHub hasn’t noticed and taken down the project doesn’t mean that it complies to their terms.

So no, the kind of site you’re looking to set up is a piracy site, it’s illegal, and so it’s not allowed on our hosting.


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