Subforum is going to an ad page

I’ve created another subforum and it works. But does not. I tried adding a default .htaccess file, but it will not access any of the files in that subdomain’s folder.

Hello there and Welcome to the Forum!

Your site does not redirect to an ad page but instead of that, it shows this on my end:

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I see that on Firefox, but on Edge it’s an ad landing.

Clear your Edge browser cache

I tried it isn’t. It’s not loading properly in any browser.

Try re-installing your forum software in that subdomain.

I didn’t install any software. I just put some images and a html document.

Well then can you provide a screenshot of your files? Also what’s the path of those files?

My guess would be it’s a problem with your code.

Here is the link to an image:
If you click on that, it will redirect. Everything seems to redirect.

I checked your code and that image does not exist.

The file path of your image is incorrect.
Change your image source in your code to:
<img src="/forums/"</img>
Or to the picture that you want to use, and make sure to double check that your image path is correct.

I just found out that your logo can be found here:
Also it seems like this is what your site should look like:

I didn’t do anything, but it seems fixed now.

What do you mean? Your site is still broken when you visit but not broken if you visit

What is the page you really want your visitors to see exactly?

No, I can fix that. The problem was that nothing was loading properly. Somehow the redirection isn’t happening anymore.

Oh so it was a redirection problem…
Well since you claimed it’s fix now then good luck!

It sounds like a DNS propagation issue. But I’m glad your website works for you now.

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