Subdomane suspended

My subdomane has been suspended. Why? Another subdomane works OK.

Can you check the Client Area about why the hosting account which contains your subdomain is suspended?

Did you remove the domain from your account recently? If so, that’s also a reason why it could send you to To fix that, simply add the domain to your account again.

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I have checked my client area and account status is now active. I have 2 subdomain, but 1 doesn’t work.

I didn’t remove the domain

For me the second subdomain you mentioned works fine, and the same goes for the first one. So the redirect may be caused by browser cache or DNS cache, like this part of KB article shows.

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I tried this on my smartphone and on PC in different browsers, but doesn’t work fine, but just redirects to another site.

Yes you did. Your screenshot shows it’s in the Subdomains list. If the domain was there when the account was created, it would be in the Addon Domains list.

So again, can you please recreate the domain?

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I have checked my website today and it doesn’t work for me. Then I have checked my subdomains in the clien area, but didnt find this subdomain, so i added to subdomain again and copied all website’s files to path What i need to do that it works?

In that case someone still deleted your domain.

I checked your domain again and the DNS records are fine now. So now you can just wait for the website to be back up to again.

And if you’re wondering “when will my domain name start working”, please see this article with that exact title:


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