When I make a subdomain, it goes to
When I add the website files to it, it still redirects me to /legacy, and a bunch of advertisements. When I try it on just, it shows up perfectly but just goes to /legacy.

Hello @Aericio.

Issue that you are currently experiencing is nothing to worry about because DNS propagation has not yet happened for you.

Your browser still thinks that your new sub-domain is in it’s old state (not registered) and it haven’t applied the new domain settings yet. Usually clearing your browser cache helps to speed this process up however if you’ll wait time span ranging from few hours usually, sometimes it takes 2 days, maximum 3 days, you will be able to see new version of your sub-domain.

This is a natural process that always happens to new user sub-domains.

Have fun,


Oh okay… Thank you Mike.
For other hosts I used, creating subdomains didn’t have this problem, so I thought it was something with infinityfree. Sorry.

It has been more than 3 days, and sub domains still go to /legacy. I have a index.html file there already for more than a week. I cleared my cache already and its still going to /legacy instead of just

Hello again @Aericio.

Could you please give me URL of your domain so I can take a look at it by myself and check what is wrong with it?


Sorry for the late reply!
The website is, it just has a simple html file and I didn’t have any problems with this html on my previous host.

Hello again @Aericio.

Are you sure that you uploaded files for your sub-domain in the following directory > htdocs ? Keep in mind that each subdomain and add-on domain has it’s own directory and under that directory there is htdocs directory, which is directory WHERE YOU UPLOAD your website files that can be viewed by public (HT documents).

I cannot see InfinityFree’s system architecture and exact cause of your problem as I do not have access to any of the core or hosting system files, this is something that only @Admin can tell.


I see you are using Cloudflare on your domain. Have you added your domain to Cloudflare yourself? If so, you will need to manually create the DNS record for your subdomain. You need to create a DNS record with the correct subdomain and point it to the same IP as your main domain. You can also remove the DNS record ‘*’ from your nameservers, as that’s only used for ads.

Is this correct? I do have the .html file in HTDOCS folder.
(also what are all the things?)

Thank you! It works fine now, and the test site is working. is a parking page provider. All unused subdomains on our nameservers are automatically linked to Bodis. So visitors who try to open unused domains will see advertisements, the revenue of which helps to pay for the free hosting infrastructure.

As soon as you add a subdomain through our control panel, our nameservers are automatically configured to remove your domain from Bodis and add it to your website. However, if you’re using your own nameservers, you will need to do so manually.