Please inform us next time when you delete a subdomain

Which sub domain?
Why @Admin will delete a sub-domain?

I’m curious :confused:


Than being curious. OP doesn’t provide more information.


What do you mean by “delete a subdomain”? Which subdomain are you talking about and how is it being deleted?

I’m going to assume you’re referring to the list of subdomains available when creating a hosting account.

We update check the available domain list every few days or so to see which ones are blocked in Google Safe Browsing. So any domain may be gone for a few days, then come back for a few more days, then disappear again.

We’re not going to post an announcement every time we do this. And this may actually be automated in the future to automatically hide and show blocked domains.

If you really, really want to have a specific domain, you can just create a hosting account with a different subdomain, and then add the subdomain of the desired domain through the Subdomains section in the control panel.


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