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Hello, I’m John and I have a problem with my subdomains.
Basically I got a domain from Freenom ( and I’ve also made 2 subdomains ( and I have added InvitinyFree’s nameservers to freenom and after I replaced them with the Cloudflare’s Nameservers. Also, I added the DNS Records to Cloudflare DNS Records Screenshot and uploaded the files to the folder File Manager Screenshot. When I try to open the subdomain I get this error: Error.

Any idea on what I can try to fix that?

Firstly, you can upload images directly to the forum, no need for an outside image hosting.

You need to install a valid SSL Certificate on your domain. Use this to help you:


Alright, First of all thank you for the fast answer. I will try that and let you know.

I believe this is not needed since domain is on CF.
Most likely a CF misconfiguration.

Make sure HSTS is turned on

You can find it under SSL/TLS → Edge Certificates inside CF


Did u read?

Make sure you are not using CF integration within VPanel as subdomain will not work

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It is already disabled.

EDIT: This is possible. See Admin’s response below

EDIT2: It’s possible, read Admins response below.

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Cloudflare does install SSL on direct subdomains, but it takes up to 24 hours for that to be setup on free accounts. is working fine from here now with Cloudflare and SSL.

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I think you misunderstood my post :sweat_smile:

Rereading…your right. I have no clue what I thought it meant before, but wow, I really read that wrong.

Thanks everyone for answering. I fixed it by getting SSL Certificates for all the subdomains and I also enabled Strict Transport Security in Cloudflare. Also, yes, it includes subdomains too.

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