Subdomains not visible in list

I already have an account with other subdomain created few months ago.
Today I created a new account with a its subdomain in my free account, then I created a sub domain under it.
Everything seems fine, but when I click “Manage” from the Accounts page the section “Domains and Subdomain” lists just the new account subdomain, not the other one.
I waited, logged out-in more than once but nothing changed.
No problem with the other account. It shows every subdomain belonging to it.
Is there a reason for that? Is there a way to solve it or should I delete and create again the secondary subdomain?

Thanks for letting me know

You can try that. It won’t hurt anything.

As long as the sub-domain has a folder on the FTP client, you can upload files, and those changes are reflected on the sub-domain, you can just ignore whatever the client area says (or dosen’t say).

@MarioF, it does show in the infinityfree panel, but it takes time to sync across. This may help

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This should definitely work, or try creating with another domain!

The information in the client area is there for informational purposes only. The actual source of truth is in the control panel. So if you just added the domain to the control panel and the domain name is visible there, that means the domain name is set up.

Removing and re-adding domain names isn’t particularly useful here, it won’t speed up the sync in the client area.


Many thanks for all your kind replies!

Now it is working as designed. All subdomains are visible for the new account.

At the end it was just a matter of time :wink:

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