Subdomains for free subdomains?

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Illegal characters in the naming field, please verify input. .3Illegal characters in the naming field, please verify input. .5

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I want to create a subdomain for
I am trying to enter “foo.fd” on the “Create a Subdomain” page to form “” but I get an error of illegal characters, which I assume is from the dot.
Is there any way to add subdomains to free subdomains? Please tell me :smile:


  1. find here your existing subdomain

  2. enter (only) sub-subdomain name


Im sorry, but my free subdomains do not show in the selection.
Maybe there is a setting I can toggle, or is it for select users only?

Due to how accounts are set up, you can only create sub-subdomains of a subdomain if you used it to create the hosting account and can still be found in the Addon Domains section. Create subdomains of domains listed in the Subdomains menu is not possible, I’m sorry to say.


Thank you for your help, brother!
This is good decision for security and performance, I understand you.
You are best! :smile:

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