Subdomains Dont Work

So I Own The Website axonz . me
And I Added These Subdomains With Redirects To My Social Accounts:
yt . axonz . me
tweet . axonz . me
dsc . axonz . me
But and doesnt work!
Can someone help me

I do not see any A, CNAME, or NS records. If these domains are new (younger than 72 hours), please allow time for DNS propagation. Maybe read these KBs:


the domains arent new

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Can you screenshot the “Subdomains” page of the control panel?

sorry that i was late
i was playing some minecraft

When were those domains created? If they are older then 2 days, delete them and add them again.

Since you’re using Cloudflare’s nameservers, you need to add the DNS records for the domains to Cloudflare’s DNS settings by hand.

We automatically setup the right DNS records in our nameservers, but we can’t automatically update the DNS records at other providers, and Cloudflare only scans your DNS records once when adding the domain, and doesn’t check for updates afterwards.

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