I have linked my domain with infinity free and it works fine, but when I changed the name servers to InfinityFrees nameservers, whenever I put a subdomain into the URL (it doesn’t matter what it is) I will be directed to I found this when I added the subdomain shop.(domain) to my account in the control panel and I was redirected to the website previously stated. This is something to do with InfinityFree as I have already contacted my domain provider and removed the InfinityFree nameservers (which removed this problem).

How could this be resolved?


So is the subdomain, right? Nameserver change may take up to 72 hours (mostly). I still don’t understand your problem. Perhaps a screenshot?

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The site is working fine from here. Please note that it can take up to 72 hours for newly added domains to be visible everywhere. This happens because of DNS caching, which is sadly out of our control.

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Hi sorry for the confusing explanation, I created the subdomain (which you can see in the attached image), but it did redirects me to which I have no affiliation with. Now when I do this it doesn’t redirect me but still takes me to a website, which I believe belongs to the NAI as I clicked onto the privacy policy which had a link to NAI’s opt-out webpage. This also happens to subdomains that I haven’t registered e.g. hello. harrycooper

Once again sorry for the confusing explanation, it is very confusing for me too.

Harry returns a parking page. Do you have any files uploaded to it? Also note that new domains can take 72 hours to take effect.

Just like @Greenreader9 said. Please upload a basic index.html file in the \htdocs directory first. It should be solved. Pls, wait for 10 mins after uploading the index.html file.

I have had an index.php file with <p>test</p> in it in the directory root/ I have changed it to an HTML file and waited for 15 mins but it still isn’t working.

That is defiantly weird. My tests show that does not exist, but the control panel clearly shows that it does. Perhaps try removing from your account and re-adding it. Otherwise, hopefully, Admin will be able to help.


ok Ill give that a try


yes that worked :slight_smile:


Glad to hear it! Be sure to mark as “Solved” for others to find.

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Site doesnt work. For me its down. I recommend you wait at least 72 hours

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