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I opened a subdomain 2 days ago but it’s still not active why …

Your main domain is also not working. Pls show your CloudFlare dns entry

is this?

Your A record is definitely wrong.

You can also find the IP from client area.


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Follow this guide…

It works when I redirect it here but how can I redirect it to as shown in the photo.

It doesn’t work when I change my cname

and why my subdomain does not appear here
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you have to wait 24-72h before it propagates

You can use page rule.

Anyway your CF dns entry is wrong. Shd be…


You need another CNAME for “www” as well

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Cname sub domains don’t appear there

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The Domains and Subdomains only shows what you have assigned to your hosting account here. Any additional subdomains pointing to other hosting providers won’t be shown there.

And if you point your base domain to Teespring, your entire hosting account here won’t be doing anything.

Just to be sure: what should the desired setup be? Do you want to host the base domain with us and the store subdomain with Teespring? Or do you want something else? It’s a lot easier to explain how to set things up if we know what you want to set up.

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