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Hey! I added subdomain
then I added ZeroSSL to that subdomain because Let’s Encrypt doesn’t support that.
but there is a message during several days already - current destination (CNAME not found) even though I added that cname to cloudflare as well.

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Please show your CloudFlare dns entry.
Anyway seems ok to me



It doesn’t seem OK to me.

As you can see in the instructions:

Make sure the records are set to “DNS Only”.

You have the Cloudflare proxy enabled on the subdomain, which won’t work.

Please disable that, and then give it half an hour to update.

What makes you say that? Let’s Encrypt officially supports all domains which should include your subdomain. It’s even the recommended provider by us!

The “Not for Free Subdomains” thing in the feature table doesn’t apply for you, it’s only for free subdomains from us, like, that are not supported.

And if it’s not supported, you won’t be able to choose the SSL provider in our panel, and it definitely won’t show as recommended.


Thank you very much!
But one question still remain.
Why root domain with expired ssl works with ssl as normal ?


I do not see that


Please look carefully.
Your domain is using SSL from CloudFlare

where does you see that ?
in that table status is expired for

ok, i find

But why should I also add SSL from InfinityFree?



If you want to use SSL full mode. This is more secure


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