Subdomain will not remove

i created a subdomain and did some tests
later I deleted the subdomain using the cpanel option and it showed that the subdomain was deleted but the subdomain still exists with all its files intact

i manually deleted the files via ftp but i cannot delete htdocs and get an error message
550 Can’t remove directory: Permission denied

i also tried to delete the and got an error message
550 Can’t remove directory: Directory not empty

i checked back in the cpanel subdomains and it shows that it has been removed

what is happening ?


The permissions on these folders prevents them from being deleted - as long as they are empty then everything is fine


everything is empty but why does the subdomain remain ?
why didnt cpanel delete the subdomain ?
everything is not fine

I just checked both subdomains - they no longer work. You probably may still see them work, if your browser is using an old cached/static version of your site. Clear your browser cache and they should no longer work.

It doesn’t remain, the folder does because it can’t be deleted, but the subdomain itself is gone.


yeah the sub domain is gone now, i still dont understand why the directory and the files are not deleted by cpanel when you choose to delete the subdomain

Because of Privacy issue. You should just ignore them.

It will stay few days in your files, if you wish to create same subdomain later you can able to reuse these files. Don’t worry these file will be deleted when their time come.

which time?

Because some people only want to disconnect the domain name, and not nuke the entire website into oblivion along with it. Some people may want to transfer the website to another domain or hosting account (with the same domain). In that case, it would be really bad if we silently deleted their files whenever they delete the domain.

If you want to delete the files after deleting the subdomain (because you want to delete ), you can do so yourself anyway. And at least that way: you should be fully aware that you’re deleting the files.


thanks again Admin, that makes sense

is there no way to remove the subdomain directory now that ive deleted the files ?

The subdomain directory is never deletable, no.

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ok thanks

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