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I would like to have my subdomain( set as like a file access portal. i have the subdomain created, but it is not pointed to anything. when i attempted to point it to an account, it says that the site cant be reached.

Hello there,

Could you try deleting and recreating the subdomain in the Control panel? Just to force the system to recreate the necessary IP or any other DNS for your subdomain.


I checked your account, and no such subdomain appears to be present on your account. Please create the subdomain through the Subdomains section in your control panel.

Also, I would like to remind you that using our hosting for file backup/hosting/sharing/etc. purposes is not allowed. We only provide storage space for regular website files.

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The subdomain will be setup with html pages that will redirect clients to files on my own file server. I just needed to create the subdomain to setup redirections.

Then redirect it using the ‘redirect’ section on the vista panel.

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