Subdomain / Symlink Questions

I have a few questions, but hopefully they should be simple ones.

  1. If I can have an unlimited amount of subdomains, why are wildcard domains not supported?

  2. If it’s for the reason I think, and not wanting people to host things like wordpress farms, why can I not specify the folder that my subdomain points to? This would make the setup I want to do super easy and reduce the number of files I need to upload on the server since I wouldn’t have to replicate them.

  3. If there is no way I can specify where a folder points to, is there any way I can create symlinks on my account? Again, the reason I wish to do this is to prevent replicated files across domains/subdomains.

None of the features you listed are available, unfortunately. We haven’t invested too much time in those features, because there are only two types of sites which really need these functions: Wordpress Multisite and spam sites. Spam sites are bad of course, but Wordpress Multisite of course aren’t.

However, that doesn’t mean we should start building a lot of complicated features for Wordpress Multisites, because of a few restrictions:

  • You’re not allowed to resell parts of our infrastructure. As such, you cannot setup Multisite and start providing sites to other people (even friends and family). If they want their own website, they can sign up for an account themselves.

  • Resource limits on things like CPU and RAM will become a problem quite fast on a Multisite, especially if those separate sites get more and more traffic.

Altogether, it’s better to just create separate accounts for all the websites, or get a bigger hosting package which can deal with the higher load (like our premium hosting).