Subdomain of own domain

I add domain in my free account then i create sub domain on my domain but i can’t access my subdomain.

what’s your both domain url and its subdomain?

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My Domain

are you sure your domain points to and nameservers?

if yes. you should wait for while to your subdomain starts working

How to check it?


it depends on the site which you’ve get your domain from it

Your domain is pointing to Cloudflare nameservers. On the DNS page, you should put a CNAME record with as name ganesh and as value @ for the ganesh subdomain to work.

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Thank You for reply

Then both domain work separately?

Both domains will work with the contents you put in the respective htdocs folder. If you created the subdomain ganesh for your domain the respective htdocs folder for it is, while for your domain is htdocs.

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I add CName record but still same error display.

Did you change the changes from the Cloudflare dashboard’s DNS page or from the “CNAME Records” section of the Control Panel? If that’s the latter, please do that on the Cloudflare dashboard’s DNS page, and wait for DNS propagation.

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Yes, I make change from Cloudflare.
Sorry, Your Solution is working after change it took some time. After sometime i refresh it’s working
Thank You.

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