Subdomain not working

Website URL

the website ran with http:// until i put it on cloudflare and now it shows me index/of

Error Message

domain is working fine but subdomain is not working as it shows me index/of since changing http to https

Other Information

If I put another folder in the address, it shows me 404
example: test/index.php
shows 404 error


When you see an “index of” directory listing, that generally means that there are no files on your website.

Please make sure your files are uploaded to the correct location. If you are still having trouble, please share your URL

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The files are in htdocs.


the subdomain worked without https:// but the link with cloudflare stopped working

This is what I see:

<title>Index of /</title>
<h1>Index of /</h1>

Which looks like it was coded in by you.

Can you share your index file?

I didn’t code it

It looks like something may be wrong with your domain’s connection to InfinityFree.

Can you screenshot your Cloudflare DNS configurations? Don’t hide any information


It seems that it is working for me

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yes, it’s already working. The problem was in cloudflare it showed me the dns of another hosting (I don’t know why). now the problem is that with https you can’t log in to the web.

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