Subdomain not working after SSL

I just enabled my free SSL and since enabling my subdomain ( isn’t working, I made the php redirect the user to the normal domain if it doesn’t see a .png.jpg extension at the end of the url, now all I get is a white screen.

Note: the subdomain would redirect me to my regular domain before SSL was enabled.

Subdomain is:

Working for me


Likely due to this



Https:// works fine, not redirecting to main page

You could use htaccess rules to redirect or you could use PHP to redirect users back to your main subdomain.


That’s exactly what I’ve done, was all working fine before I added the SSL certificates

All done through php. The purpose of my subdomain is to allow you to view images as long as you have a .png on the end of the URL, if not it will direct you to my main page.

This code worked before SSL was added, note I’ve added the “https://” it used to be just “http://”

Ty for help I fixed it anyways :smiley:

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