Subdomain is not working


I have created a Subdomain ( But the subdomain is not working at all. I have added the DNS and keeping the cloudeflare DNS. But still facing the same problem. Please have a look on this.

For starters: NEVER MIX MULTIPLE SETS OF NAMESERVERS. It will only create problems.

If you’re using Cloudflare’s nameservers, you will need to create the DNS records for the subdomains yourself. They need to point to the same IP address or CNAME target as your main website (depending on how you configured those). Or just create them as CNAME records with target @.

In any case, if you’re using Cloudflare’s nameservers, that means you’re responsible for maintaining your domain’s DNS records. If you’re not comfortable managing those, you may want to use our nameservers instead.



This is the scenario of DNS records in cloudflare. Subdomains is not working still. After creating the subdomain one ‘A’ record has been created with the name of automatically. I need your help.

Try this

Shd be working now…

Thank you. But now showing that the Error 525

Ray ID: 5ec6c419ec5be648 • 2020-11-03 14:25:41 UTC

SSL handshake failed

I think it will take time to propagate.

SSL is in promed is under as subdomain. Naturally it will work with SSL.

That’s why I remove my post…
Forgot u r on CF…


What should I do now? Waiting for your help.

Well, you can try to switch to CF flexible mode to see if ur subdomain is working w/o SSL.
If working, turn back to full mode and wait…

hai there, try to remove your sub-domain and re-add this to your C-panel .
That will be successful!
*it won’t be delete/remove your files in the current subdomain…

thanks for your support. After changing the option to flexible it will open the login page but after login, it will not work

Now after first time displaying the login page same thing is happening. :frowning:

Read below, I suspect .htaccess could be the issue

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