SubDomain got Suspended Main Domain Subdomain

Suddenly my sub-domain is redirecting to

DNS / Name servers
Name servers for addon and parked domains
ns1. epizy. com
ns2. epizy. com

Check vistapanel for more information. Unfortunately no one can remove a suspension, you will have to wait.

How long does it take

does it work for you now? seems to be fixed.

it still redirects

It doesn’t redirect me, though it does give me a MySQL error. Have you tried clearing your browser’s cache?

it strill redirects i downloaded edge anyway

i created new subdomain but same thing

I recommend that you do not put too many files in your “Subdomain”, and that you respect the terms and conditions.
Files and scrpts that are heavy generally take a long time and make other websites (Hosted in IF), not responding well.
Other recommendations are:

  • Create a support ticket with Admin.
  • Obtain a good domain that gives you the identity your website deserves (A free one that is worth a lot is
  • Switch to premium hosting! which is very easy and simple to do at a good price.
    I hope I’ve helped!
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This issue is probably a consequence of this problem:

Please check again in a few hours.

my main domain also redirects

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