Subdomain addition

How do I get a subdomain from IFree, for a domain which I already own?

Use sub domain on VPanel to create your desired subdomain


Sorry, but you cannot transfer an subdomain from another web hosting service.
If you want to transfer your website from there, just do an backup for your website and move all the files on a new subdomain right here :

There’s a lot of great sub-domains you can use, i recommend
And if you don’t want to use an sub-domain, can register a domain at freenom and point to the infinityfree servers via NameServers.

Good Luck!


What i meant was I already own a domain Now I just want a subdomain from ifree like **myapp.** so that I need not purchase a subdomain or hosting from my current host.

That’s what @KangJL pointed you to. You can find our domains in the list of available domains for subdomains, but your own domain names too.


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