Subdmain displays Adds

project dot xverter dot net & spark dot xverter dot net
I just moved both these sites from another host, where they had no problems.

I just created these subdomains, uploaded my files to them, and they both display a white page if I have my add blockers enabled, if I disable my add blockers I get an add. This is the add background:

I do not even have a public directory.

Other Information

Note the sites just started working.
The gets a 404 error now.
So it seems you redirected my subdomains (while they were being setup)
Tell me this won’t happen again

It’s back to displaying the add

note previous message was for and I also tested in an incognito window

Pls read

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You need to set and as nameservers


Hv u added domain to hosting account?

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Godaddy is my host and I did change the nameservers
But I went in today and they changed back to my old host Webfaction.

So I’ll change it again. Ok changed it, saved it 2 times, we’ll see if this fixes it.

BTW I have another url on Namecheap and it’s fine and still has the right nameservers.

Currently going to in North Dakota

I’ll give the dns time to propagate and report back.

What is interesting is does go to a different IP but reports

Reverse IP for
Continent: Europe (EU)
Country: United Kingdom (GB)
State: Unknown
City: Unknown
ISP: I Fastnet Ltd
Organization: I Fastnet Ltd
Time zone: Europe/London

ok so 185. 27. 134. 162 is not the right IP

hotelcatalina . net has been setup on Namescheap for over 2 days

What could be wrong ?

I also added a resumecr.htm to the site and I get a 404 error.

What’s weird is project. xverter. net has worked on and off, but apparently hotelcatalina . xxx has always gone to 185. 27. 134. 162

This is correct

This is correct too… looks fine to me. doesn’t work, but you did setup


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