Sub domains not deleting


When I try to delete sub domains from the cPanel, it stays with my site but disappears from sub domains in cPanel, Is this something on my side or infinity frees side?

When you delete a sub/addon domain, the files remain in the FTP. They are not visible to the public, only to you when you access them via the FTP.


If this is the free subdomain you added while creating your account, you can find it in the Addon Domains section instead.


No, It is a sub domain (abc. It is gone from my sub domain panel but still in my file manager. It could be the case as TigerMANEK426 said, It says server IP cannot be found when going to sub domains but its in my file manager.

Yep,it will stay in your file manager.

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But wouldn’t that count for the nodes?

Yes. Maybe a few. Not enough to negatively effect you.

Alright thanks.

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