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    Username: epiz_25077127

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When I wanted to update the stylesheet, ftp buggy and my stylesheet became empty. The path to this file is: /templates/boonmine/css/style.css

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Can I know your website correct URL? Seems that the above link is not working.

the mentioned directory doesn’t exist.

And empty: style.css

Can you try re-uploading and overwriting the file?

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Full story
I wanted to change the stylesheet. I went into the winscp program and connected. Next I opened the file: /templates/boonmine/css/style.css, changed it. I saved it, but while I kept it, my connection to the server was gone. I opened this stylesheet again to check if it was saved, but it turned out to be empty.

That’s sad idle, sorry about that. So what to do now is to make again the style.css right?

I decided to rewrite the stylesheet. :slightly_smiling_face:

Goodluck idle! and save it from time to time, not just after finishing editing the whole code, you know.

I feel your pain, I lost a day of work in a similar way a long time ago.

Since then, I learned to not edit files directly on the FTP server and always write code locally and copy the local file to the server. That way, if the connection breaks, you still have the local file.


That’s what I do and the best software to write code locally is Sublime Text it is free for first 30 months and then you need to buy the license.
You can get the software from the following link:
Download Sublime Text (official Website)

I use Geany (free) and Notepad++ (also free).


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