Style.css and other files are uploaded to the file manager, but not to the site

Web site url:

Hello First of all, Good Works to Everyone , I Upload my files to File Manager but only changes in html files appear on my website , For example, I took 2 photos and made minor changes to the style.css file, but these changes do not appear on my site in any way. , even my previously uploaded photos stopped showing , please help, it sounds like i got the domain name in vain :slight_smile:

That’s usually problems with your browser’s cache.
Try cleaning the cache or, even better, open you website using a private/incognito browser tab.


A few people had said it, but I do what I said, still the same photos are sometimes not loaded, I right click on the mouse to examine it, I go to the sources section and look at it, but still the photos I uploaded and the style.css I made changes are not edited.

Are You using Cloudflare?

yes I’m using

Then it’s Cloudflare’s cache.
You have to go to Cloudflare and clear Cloudflare’s cache. Click on “Purge everything”.


can you show me how to do this


unfortunately still same can this be a setting from infinityfree

No. If you are making changes to your CSS or images that’s definitely a cache problem. Either on your browser or Cloudflare or both.

  1. Change the link to your CSS file to this to force the browser to download the CSS instead of using the cached version:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css?v=1.0">
  1. Then, purge Cloudflare’s cache. Wait about 30 seconds.
  2. Then, open your site using an incognito browser tab or a different browser you haven’t opened the site with.

First of all, it worked. Thank you. There is another problem. I am uploading the pictures, but even though I have uploaded it, it does not appear in the sources section.

What sources section?
In the browser’s developer tools?

Right click on the site and click to review, in the sources section

Did you purge everything in Cloudflare or just the CSS?
When I open your website my browser is using the cached images and not downloading the new ones.
You can see in the following image that my browser downloaded the new CSS, as expected, but not the images.

You can see that yourself in the “Network” tab, in the Browser’s developer tools.

as you just said from cloudflare I cleared the cache

Actually it was my mistake because I didn’t open your website in a incognito session so I was seeing the cached version.
Now I did and the new images were downloaded.

Is this what you were expecting?

Actually there were these, this is not the problem. For example, I was setting the language of the site and I downloaded the American Flag for this. No images in the sources section

In fact, if I change the name of the folder with all the pictures in it and upload it again, will the problem be corrected?

Yes, it will.
But don’t forget to also change it in the HTML, in the image’s src.

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unfortunately it still gives error, style css started to fail too, how can I clear the cache directly from Ä°nfinityfree.