Stripe webhooks



I’m wondering if anyone can help, I’m using the free hosting, to host the Stripe API, for people to setup and manage subscriptions, whichs works great.

I’m also using it for the stripe webhooks, but that isn’t working. it worked at our last host, but not this one, when i run tests it comes back with a blank error on stripe.

If I open the webhooks page directly, the errors are only because of there not being any webhooks sent, not any php errors etc.

Stripe have sent us an email that states “TLS error, indicating that Stripe was unable to establish a secure connection with your server.” looking at SSL labs, I think the issue might be with the SSL chain being incomplete. But i don’t understand how to fix this, or if it’s just not possible on the free hosting.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately, you can’t access the site if you don’t have cookies and JavaScript enabled.

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