Storage Limit

Sorry to ask this on someone else’s thread, but is there a storage limit (in total, not individual files) or just inode limit as it does say unlimited storage.

5 GB storage and 30000 inode limit applies per hosting account


I’m just confused as it used to be unlimited in (just inode limit).

Thank You

Well, admin had it corrected once he found out it’s not unlimited afterall


but name of hosting is infinity that means hosting be infinityfree why admin created this website name is infinityfree i don’t get it

Just because our name is InfinityFree doesn’t guarantee that everything is unlimited for free.

When we started out, we advertised unlimited disk space and bandwidth. We still have unlimited bandwidth.

But I later found out that the platform actually enforces a hidden 5 GB disk limit. It took me years to find it out and affected very few sites, so I could have gotten away with it. But I felt was dishonest so I officially changed the limit to 5 GB.

With the unlimited disk space being officially gone, and both unlimited bandwidth and disk space being debatable with the limits on file size, inodes, hits, etc. that’s also when the tagline of InfinityFree changed from “Free and Unlimited Web Hosting” to just “Free Web Hosting”.

But the company name didn’t changed. After all, the company is called InfinityFree, not “FreeUnlimitedHosting”. So if you only looked at our company name and skipped all information about our services everywhere, and assumed all product specifications from the company name alone, then you’ll be surprised. But I don’t think it’s fair to blame us for you being unaware of our service specs if you stopped reading after the first word.


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